Committee Service

Throughout my time in the Senate, I have had the pleasure of serving on a number of important committees. As Chairman of the Senate Economic Development Committee, we work daily to ensure that Georgia remains an attractive place for companies to build and grow within our communities. As a Veteran, I also fight tirelessly on behalf of Georgia’s large military population, ensuring that the well being of our service men and their families remain at the forefront of military legislation brought forth.


Committees within the Georgia General Assembly play an essential role to our legislative process. The committee does what the Senate and the House of Representatives could not do as well by functioning as a whole.  Therefore, each member of the General Assembly sits on numerous committees. Once a bill is brought forth by a legislator, the bill is assigned to a committee for further review. The committee is responsible for completing the initial groundwork of what the legislation is intended to do. Committee members often call experts in the respective subject area to testify on behalf or against the proposed legislation. Once in committee the bill may have a hearing where the committee votes to move the bill forward or not. Click Here to learn more about Georgia’s legislative process. 


Mike is honored to serve on the following Senate committees:


Economic Development and Tourism-Chairman

The Committee on Economic Development has general jurisdiction over economic development, business, trade, and any proposed measures that will affect the presence of tourism throughout the state.

Veterans, Military and Homeland Security – Secretary

The Committee on Veterans, Military & Homeland Security has general jurisdiction over legislation related to Georgia’s Department of Defense, military personnel, Department of Homeland Security, emergency response organizations, and organizations providing service to military veterans.

Public Safety- Secretary

The Committee on Public Safety has general jurisdiction over legislation related to the security and safety of Georgia’s citizens. Additionally, the committee reviews most legislation related to the licensing of drivers and safety on Georgia’s roads.

Transportation- Secretary

The Committee on Transportation has general jurisdiction over issues relate to highway safety, regulation of intrastate common carriers including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation. Also included is jurisdiction on issues to inland waterways and any other means of transportation.

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